Know Before You Go

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Ken Burns is a world-renowned documentary filmmaker. His historical retrospectives are masterpieces, covering a wide range of topics ranging from the Civil War to baseball to jazz music. Many viewers are familiar with his recent works describing the Prohibition era and World War II, but it is easy to overlook one of his lesser known gems: Horatio’s Drive.

Horatio’s Drive tells the story of Horatio Nelson Jackson’s summer in 1903. The story begins at his club in San Francisco, where Horatio is debating with some of his friends. The automobile was still fairly new on the American scene. Horatio’s friends were convinced that it was a passing fad or a rich man’s playful indulgence, and that it would never catch on. Horatio was quite proud of his new Winton automobile, so he agreed to a wager with his friends over whether he could drive the car from California to New York within ninety days.

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Building A Winning Team

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Lead where you are strong, and build a team where you need help. This practical wisdom is sensible advice in the workplace and in your personal life. Many people spread themselves too thin by trying to do things for themselves that are not actually in their primary skill sets. A better plan would be to find someone you can depend on for those assignments that do not lend themselves to a do-it-yourself approach.

One of the joys of growing older is an increasing self-awareness about what your strengths are. Another benefit of maturity is a more discerning eye when it comes to surrounding yourself with a team of excellence. Through trial and error, or word of mouth, you will learn over the years which professionals you can rely upon for help.

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Whom Do You Trust?

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When it comes to auto repairs (and many other life situations), the question of who is trustworthy involves two elements: character and competence. An honest person who lacks competence cannot really help you, and a truly honest person will not pretend to have more expertise than his credentials and experience warrant. On the other hand, it does not matter how much skill a person has if he cannot be trusted. In fact, a highly skilled person who lacks integrity is more of a threat than someone who is incompetent.

Last week, Todd Ulrich from Channel 9 News in Orlando did an investigative report on “Buy Here, Pay Here” car lots that prey on unsuspecting customers by selling the same worthless car over and over. The scam is based upon the premise that the customers are quite likely to default on their car loans if the cars are worthless. So the dealer sells a used car at a low price that seems too good to be true. The customer / victim soon learns that the car has a major problem that prevents it from being driven. Without a car to get to work, the buyer is unable to make the payments, so the dealer repossesses it in order to sell it again.

When Todd Ulrich wanted to confirm his suspicions, he took one of the suspicious cars to be checked by a trusted industry expert in Brevard County: Howard Fulton of Cassels Garage. This was an assignment that required a combination of competence and integrity. Todd Ulrich knew what Brevard County residents have known for years: that Cassels Garage is trustworthy and reliable. Fulton confirmed Ulrich’s suspicions, and he confronted the scammers with confidence.

We are proud of Howard Fulton, and we are glad to see that he is recognized by the media as a trusted expert in the field of auto repair. If you are buying a used car and you would like to have it checked out, bring it to Cassels Garage. We’ll be glad to check it out even when the cameras are not rolling.

Cassels Garage in West Melbourne is a family-owned shop that is well equipped to provide routine maintenance on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.