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3 Tips For Picking The Right Auto Repair Near Melbourne, Florida

Published on August 15, 2022

Whether you like to baby your ride or just want to get your auto fixed, there are several tips to picking the right local auto mechanic near you in Melbourne, Florida.

These are the top 3 tips that will help you to pick the absolute best local auto mechanic. First, call ahead to see what type of vehicle this mechanic works on. Second, determine how fast you want your auto repaired. Third, pick a local auto mechanic that has been around for a long time.

By following these simple tips you can weed out the mechanics that don’t suit your individual auto’s needs. In the long run, this can save you several hours and thousands of dollars on unneeded repairs and parts. The team here at Cassels Garage has been servicing the greater Brevard region for over 50 years! We love talking ‘shop’ so if you are on the fence about anything related to your vehicle reach out to us and we will give you an honest opinion.

Here are the top 3 tips for picking the best local auto mechanic near you in Melbourne, Florida.

Call Ahead To See What Type of Vehicle The Local Auto Mechanic Works On

Many people think that all mechanics are the same. While a majority of us can work on any auto you bring our way a lot of us are specialty shops.

Several local mechanics will specialize in individual types of vehicles. One mechanic might specialize in only residential trucks and carry the parts and tools to work on them. Another mechanic on the other hand would rather work on high-end sports cars and caries the niche tools for that type of car.

One of the easiest things you can do to make sure you are getting the right local auto mechanic near you in Melbourne, Florida is to call ahead and see what type of vehicle the mechanic works on. Depending on your needs this can shift what mechanic you want to go to.

Here at Cassel’s Garage, we can work on every vehicle you throw our way. From commercial fleet maintenance to small hybrid cars we have the parts, tools, and skills to properly repair your auto in Melbourne, Florida. We see cars from around the world and can work on them all. This is why we have been Brevard’s choice for a local mechanic for over 50 years and have over 280 5-star reviews!

As such, one of the easiest tips you can perform for picking the right auto repair near you is to simply call and see what vehicles they work on. The last thing you would want to do is drop off your auto with the wrong mechanic and waste time and money.

Determine How Fast You Want Your Auto Repaired

Another tip that most people don’t factor into their decision is thinking about how fast they want their auto repaired. This one is a bit tricky but you should look for a local auto repair shop near Melbourne, Florida that is large enough to repair multiple vehicles at the same time but small enough to ensure that your auto is getting the right attention.

Large auto repair shops create a factory approach to repairing vehicles. They will have one guy who replaces the tires, another who does the oil, and finally one mechanic who fixes minor issues. This creates several overlaps of responsibility for your vehicle and creates too many openings for something to go wrong.

Finding a small auto repair shop on the other hand might cause your repair to be backed up for several weeks. Some of the smaller boutique mechanics around Melbourne, Florida provide niche services to a small handful of clients. If you took your auto there it will take a long time for the mechanic to fit you into their schedule.

This is why it is a careful balancing act to find the proper local auto mechanic near Melbourne, Florida. I am proud to say that the team here at Cassels is just large enough to get your auto repair done in an expedited time while also providing the on hands individual attention that you would expect from a local mechanic.

Find A Local Auto Mechanic That Has Been Around For A Long Time

Here is one of those time-tested secrets; when picking your next local auto mechanic near Melbourne, Florida find a mechanic that has been around for a long time.

This tip will weed out all the mechanics who are fly-by-night mechanics. These shops will give you a repair with subpar service and parts. Most people think they are getting a good deal until the part they bought breaks on 95 and their mechanic has left the state.

When you pick a local auto mechanic that has been around for a long time they have stood the test of time. These auto mechanics are accountable to their clients for their fixes.

Cassels has been around for over 50 years servicing the greater Brevard region. We have entire multi-generation families who bring their vehicles to our service. Imagine if we gave them a sub-par product or part, chances are we would have not been in business as long as we have.

We take extreme accountability and pride in our work. We are just big enough to service all of Brevard while also remaining small enough to provide that hands-on feel that local mechanics have. This is why when you ask for a local mechanic around Melbourne most people recommend Cassels Garage.


I hope these 3 tips for picking the right auto repair near Melbourne, Florida help you make a sound decision.

As usual, I always recommend Cassels. We have been here longer than just about any other mechanic in the area and remain Melbourne, Florida’s go-to pick for a local auto repair service. When you bring your car to us you can rest easy that you are going to get an honest and reliable service that will keep you and your vehicle on the road for years to come.

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