Car Maintenance Summer Tips

Published on July 13, 2015
Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Last week’s column highlighted recommendations for preparing your car for summer and focused on the obvious, like air conditioning, brakes, coolant, wipers and tires. This week’s post will consider some more subtle potential problems. Space Coast drivers face some unique challenges because of the year-round heat, but you should consider the usage of your particular car.

Cassels Garage serves all of Brevard county with quality work you can trust. We won’t give you services you don’t need and we want your car running in tiptop shape no matter the season.

Have your filters checked. Regular oil and oil filter changes are always important, but summer road trips pile on the mileage. Should you have your oil changed before the vacation? Also, don’t forget the air filter, especially if you do any winter driving up north. Debris can clog your air filter and hurt your car’s fuel economy.

Drivers expect more dead batteries in the winter, but the summer can put pressure on your car’s battery also. Check the terminals and connections. Regular cleaning can help prevent your battery from overcharging and shortening its life span.

Belts and hoses are key parts of your car’s cooling system. A cracked hose or broken belt can be bad news for the radiator. A blown radiator spells expensive repair for you so having hoses and belts checked can help avoid a more serious problem especially before a long road trip.
If you are a part-time Floridian who drives your car in winter conditions, it is a good idea to undo the winterizing.

Start by changing the snow tires because they will decrease your gas mileage. Also clean the undercarriage of your car if you drive in areas that use road salt in the winter. That salt can damage your car just like salt from the ocean, but the threat is not as obvious.

Pack an emergency kit that includes simple tools, jumper cables and a flashlight. For a road trip, it is always a good idea to pack a cooler with water for your passengers in case there is a delay.

Mechanics and dentists agree: preventative maintenance is much easier and less expensive than repair. Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, a trusted name in West Melbourne is Cassels Garage. Family owned and operated, Cassels Garage has been serving drivers in Brevard County since 1966.

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