Don’t Neglect Your Car

Published on July 15, 2015
Dont Neglect Your Vehicle

Procrastination and neglect are serious issues when it comes to car maintenance. Performance and safety are at risk, and there are many small problems that lead to much bigger problems if they are ignored. Whether you like to get under the hood yourself or take your car to a trusted mechanic in Brevard County, a few steps of preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars and keep your family safer.

There are several examples of routine maintenance habits that can save you big bucks in the long term. The most obvious one is to change the engine and oil filter routinely. Waiting too long between oil changes could significantly shorten the life your car. Regularly check your car’s transmission fluid, coolant level and tire pressure to avoid bigger performance and safety issues down the road. Minor repairs like replacing front brake pads or a thermostat can turn into major repairs if they are ignored.

Tires are a major temptation for procrastinators. Trying to squeeze extra mileage out of tires that are bald could have tragic results. Remember to check your tire pressure because under inflated tires have a shorter life span, they don’t handle as well and they reduce your gas mileage. Do not drive on empty. Nowadays, most cars use electric fuel pumps rather than carburetors. Those electric pumps are cooled and lubricated by gasoline, so it is a good idea to keep your fuel level above a quarter-tank to reduce the likelihood of pump failure.

Many drivers have had the experience of taking their cars to the shop because of a warning light just to be told that the warning light is the only thing that is broken. However, it is risky to turn an experience like that into a policy of neglect. Ignoring a system warning lot can be very costly and even dangerous. Failing to respond to a dashboard warning light could lead to a host of problems like weakened performance, costly repairs, or even dangerous driving conditions.

Rather than self-diagnosing your car’s problem and telling your mechanic what to replace, it would be wiser to describe the symptoms and listen to the experts. It is somewhat easy for mechanics to misdiagnose an issue, much easier for the do-it-yourselfer.

Cassels Garage is a family-owned automotive facility that is well equipped to provide routine maintenance on your car. The team at Cassels has been serving Brevard County since 1966.

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