Preparing For A Road Trip

Published on July 21, 2015
Preparing For A Road Trip

Some travelers question whether they should take their own cars on lengthy road trips, but highway driving is usually much easier on a car than regular commuting. If you decide against renting a car there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid unpleasant surprises on the road. It’s a good idea to get your car checked out by a qualified automotive repair facility before your trip.

If your vehicle needs any kind of major repair, it is a good idea to get that done several weeks before the trip so you will have plenty of time to deal with any issues arising from the repair. Check to see if it will be time for any routine maintenance to be done during your trip, and take care of that ahead of time. No one wants to use precious vacation time for an oil change. Check the air filter, coolant, tires and spare tire.

Everyone has seen the movie scene where the traveler encounters unfamiliar law enforcement officers. Look in your glove compartment to see if you can easily find your registration and proof of insurance.

Some old-school travel ideas are still quite useful. AAA (or any other roadside assistance plan) will seem like a bargain the first time you need to use it. Also, many such programs offer discounts and trip planning assistance. Many travelers have learned to rely on their GPS systems rather than maps or a road atlas, but the fastest way is not always the most interesting. Spending a little time studying a map might help you discover fun alternative routes without adding much extra distance to your trip.

Finally, here are a few recommendations that are just good for traveler morale. Before you pack your car, clean it out. There is no need to carry excess weight or use up the limited space you will need for your luggage. Wash and vacuum your vehicle. Pack some snacks for the lengthy stretches between stops. Nowadays most travelers can entertain themselves with their smart phones or other devices, but it would add a nostalgic touch to your trip to bring a travel game for the group to play.

If you need work before you go, Cassels Garage is well equipped to provide routine maintenance on your car. Call today and schedule your appointment.

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