Continued Car Care for the New Year

January 23, 2017
Continued Car Care

New Year’s resolutions have been the focus of our last few blogs. And even though we are well into January, the idea of keeping your car clean and regularly serviced is a resolution to keep throughout the year. Meeting this goal will result in a more reliable, safer, and cleaner vehicle. Another automobile based resolution we suggested was to form a relationship with your automobile. This concept included reading your car manual and learning the ins and out; the bells and whistles associated with your make and model. This also included studying the warranty, reviewing scheduled maintenance routines, and familiarizing yourself with factory installed safety features. Keeping your car tidy and well serviced while being sure to operate and maintain it properly, will ultimately increase the longevity of your automobile and positively affect resale value.

Of course, in your quest to keep your car healthy in 2017, Cassels Garage, a full-service repair station focused on affordability and quality, can assist you if a problem does arise. If your vehicle needs major overhauls, simple repair work, or you just need solid advice, our technicians can get you back on the road.

There are a few more tidbits of information we want to share in hopes that you incorporate them into your healthy car regime. One of them relates to “going green” or “reducing your carbon footprint” and increasing your mindfulness of fuel efficient practices. You don’t have to drive a hybrid or join a carpool. Instead, consider these healthier practices:

Stop Sitting Around Idly

It is better for passengers, the environment, the health of your vehicle, and your wallet if you warm your car up by driving it around slowly instead of letting it “warm up” by sitting still and idling. This small trick will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce additional fuel expenses.

Lay off the Gas

Don’t put the pedal to the metal! Instead accelerate at a steady consistent speed without “gunning it” or “revving it.” This is not only a safer way to drive, but a more fuel efficient way too. If you jack rabbit out of a green light, speed or idle needlessly, you are wasting gas and poisoning the air. Be mindful of your RPM’s when driving. Stay out of the red if you want to be green!

Use Cruise Control

When traveling on a long stretch of road without stops or on the highway, us the cruise control option. This is the most efficient use of gasoline because the speed and car pace is steady and maintained.

We are glad to share these car-related New Year’s resolutions and tips with you! Don’t forget we offer a courtesy shuttle service. We service Brevard County including Melbourne, Viera and Palm Bay, and we are open Monday through Friday, 8-5. Call Cassels Garage at 321-727-2111 if you have any questions. Drive safely.

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