Electric Cars vs Gas Powered Cars

Gas vs Electric Cars

Over the past ten years, electric cars have evolved from being a rarity to being commonplace. As energy efficiency and climate change become increasingly a prevalent issues in society, Americans have started driving electric cars because they are seen as more environmentally friendly as opposed to gas or diesel cars. Electric cars are generally associated with the idea of “going green” to help to save the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Both gas and electric cars present different advantages and disadvantages which are important for consumers to consider when deciding which type of car to buy.

There are many benefits electric cars offer. As mentioned above, they are more environmentally friendly vehicles than traditional gas or diesel cars. This idea is almost universally agreed upon, because electric cars have no carbon emissions. Cars that run on gas have tailpipes that produce carbon emissions, while electric cars do not even have a tailpipe. Another benefit of electric cars is that they drive much quieter and smoother than cars that run on fossil fuels. If you have ever ridden in an electric car, you will be able to affirm this statement. A huge selling point for electric cars is that they are much cheaper to maintain than gas cars. According to Plug In Cars, the cost to fuel an electric vehicle is roughly one-third of the cost for a gas car. Another recent study found that by owning an electric vehicle you can save an estimated $10,000 or more over ten years. An added benefit, electric car drivers never have to go to gas stations since they can just recharge their car at home. People driving gas cars do not have this luxury.

On the flip side of this, there are many advantages to owning cars powered by fossil fuels instead of electricity. The average range electric vehicles can drive before re-fueling is much shorter than that of gas cars; the former can usually only drive between 60-120 miles, which causes a common fear in drivers of electric vehicles called “range anxiety.” It can also take hours to recharge an electric vehicle, as opposed to the few minutes spent at the gas pump. The other main advantage gas cars have over electric is that gas cars are overall much less expensive initially. Electric cars run between $30,000 and $40,000 on average, while gas cars can be purchased for much less.

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