New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

January 12, 2017

We’re well underway into 2017 and New Year’s resolutions are still fresh and motivating. A clean slate is ahead of us filled with potential and promise. As discussed in our latest blog, New Year’s resolutions can be far reaching and extend well beyond the typical goals of weight loss, exercising and traveling more. In your upcoming goals, a manageable resolution is to strive for a cleaner, safer, and more reliable car. At Cassels Garage, we can assist you in this quest. If you are in the Melbourne area of Florida and need a full-service garage specializing in affordable and quality work performed by staffed specialists, we are the garage for new you in the new year!

Our previous post addressed possible ways to include your automobile in your resolutions for the new year. It focused on the goals of tidying up, establishing scheduled maintenance, and implementing preventative care practices. These practices will ultimately enhance the worth and resale value of your investment and increase the likelihood that your car would operate optimally. Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is a commitment which will sustain the “health” of your car by protecting the upholstery, carpet, mats, dash, underbelly, and frame from corrosion, rust, grime, tears, scuffs, dirt spots, and excessive wear and tear. These practices will make your automobile safer to operate, result in lower repair and maintenance costs, increase your car’s longevity, and bolster your self-image.

Since these resolutions are so beneficial and easy, let’s add another one to the list. To be the best possible you in all aspects of your life, why not try to build a relationship with your car too? Just as you work hard to get to know others and invest in quality relationships, why not do the same with your vehicle? Reading the manual tucked away in the glove box would be a great start in fostering this relationship. Learn what all the gadgets, symbols, alarms, and bells and whistles come with your make and model to optimize your knowledge and ultimately your car’s potential. Orient yourself with safety features. Learn the ins and outs of your car. For example, how often should your tires be rotated? When should the air filters be changed out? What should you use to wash the interior/exterior of your automobile? What is the course of action if something cracks your windshield? Where is your spare? Really get to know your car in the new year. Pay attention to vehicle warranty information. Also, heed all warning lights and suggested maintenance schedules. Reading the manual and getting to know your vehicle will save you time and money later.

So, in the new year, build a close and rewarding relationship with your car. Continue to keep it clean inside and out. Work towards being proactive in preventative care measures by following scheduled maintenance milestones. And if you are in Brevard County and any problems should arise along the way, contact your Melbourne FL automotive repair shop at 321-727-2111 Monday thru Friday, 8-5. Be sure to check out our webpage for a listing or our services.

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