Packing Your Car Like a Pro for Your Summer Road Trip

Packing Your Car Like a Pro for Your Summer Road Trip

Cassels Garage is here to help you make it through your family road trip and ace it with flying colors. Whether we are tuning your car up or giving you tips on how to prep your car, we are here for you in any way we can be. This week we thought you might like to hear some tips on how to pack your vehicle like a pro for your up and coming road trip. Read on for some killer tips and tricks!

Be willing to pack and then repack

Packing your vehicle up for a long road trip is like the ultimate Rubik’s Cube. You have to shuffle things around and redo some of your moves to meet your ultimate goal. That’s how you should think about packing your car. If you are bringing a lot of stuff, you may have to rearrange things a couple of times to make sure that you have things in the most logical positions. Which leads us to our next packing tip.

Important stuff towards the top in the trunk

When filling up your trunk, really think about what you will be in need of most. Those are the items that should be put towards the top of your trunk pile. This way you don’t have to dig towards the bottom to find what you’re looking for. Keeping the important and most used items toward the top will save you a lot of trouble, trust us.

Have a list of things that you want vs. what you need

When traveling with kids, it is important that they know to only bring the necessities. This is especially true if you have limited space in your car. So, make sure when they are packing up their things that they only bring the needs, and limit their wants. The same goes for the adults. Really look over your packing list and trim the fat where you see fit. Obviously, don’t leave anything you will actually need behind. Just rethink your packing list.

Keep your cooler and snacks easily accessible

This one is key, especially if you are packing your own drink and snacks. The cooler/snacks should be put somewhere that is both easy to reach and also comfortable. So, you may need to test out a couple of locations to see what works best for your family. Just try not to bury them under a bunch of stuff.

Keep wet wipes inside your car’s pockets

If you plan to eat in the car, pack some wet wipes into your side pockets or glove compartment. This will ensure that your vehicle and your hands will keep clean! These are also perfect for spills and accidental car messes.

Leave yourself some room

The biggest pro tip we can give about packing your vehicle for your summer road trip would be to make sure to leave yourself some breathing room. You will be much more comfortable if you can move around a little. This is also helpful in case you acquire gifts or souvenirs on your journey.

Wherever the road takes you this summer, we hope you come to see us before you leave so we can make sure you are ready to go. We serve people in the Melbourne, FL area and provide everything from transmission repairs to tire rotations. We want our customers to have a fun and safe summer vacation. We hope you found these packing tips helpful and that you enjoy your trip!

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