Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Published on November 24, 2020
Winter car maintenance

Despite living in Florida where winter doesn’t change much, there are some key winter car maintenance tips to know if you are heading up North.

These winter car maintenance tips need to be on your radar to ensure that your vehicle and ready for all things cold, ice, and snow. Taking your car to an auto repair specialist can be a great way to ensure that you’re getting top-notch service at an affordable price. Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL is known for providing fast service, great customer service, and excellent quality so booking an appointment with them before the cold weather arrives is key.

4 Tips for Winter Car Maintenance

When it comes to getting your car winter-ready, what are some tips that you need to know? The great part is that all of these tips can be done by a car repair shop in your local area.

1. Check the tread on your tires

If you plan to stay in Florida for the winter, you won’t need to worry much about snow. But, if you’re going up north, keep in mind that snow and ice don’t mess around. For your tires to have a good grip, you need to have a great tread on your tires. If you are not sure, you need to check. Simply changing out your tires and getting new ones can make all the difference between driving safely or not.

2. Make certain that your heater works

You don’t want to be out and about in the cold weather only to find out that your car heater doesn’t work. You need to ensure that while you’re traveling in a car, you’re staying as warm and as safe as possible.

3. Check that the defrost works

This is so important, especially if you don’t house your car in a garage. There’s a good chance that your windows are going to get steamed up or even iced over during the cold mornings and if you can’t see through them to drive, it’s going to put a major damper on your commute. If your defrost doesn’t work, it’s going to cause you to have visualization issues and also cause you to run late.

4 . Keep warm blankets and coats in your car

Even though this might not be a car maintenance tip, this is a good idea for anyone who might be out and about traveling alone. The weather can get cold quickly during the winter months and you need to be certain that you have what you need in your car to stay warm. That way, if you’re waiting for a tow or stuck in traffic, you can easily stay warm and comfortable until someone arrives to pick you up.

Book Your Auto Repair with Cassel’s Garage

These simple winter car maintenance tips can help ensure that you’re doing everything possible for safety. Here are some other tips for auto repair and car maintenance to keep you safe on the road throughout the year! If you are having any issues with the above, then Cassel’s Garage is here to help with auto repair in Melbourne Florida.

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