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Signs That Your Brakes Need to Be Replaced

Published on April 11, 2022
Brake Repair

Is there anything out of the ordinary about your breaks? Cassels Garage Auto Repair in Melbourne, FL highlights the signs that indicate you may have a brake problem.

Decent brake pads are a necessity for your vehicle to be considered roadworthy. Driving a vehicle without fully functional brakes is a massive risk to you, other road users, and passersby. That’s why it’s critical to monitor the quality of your brake pads and replace them as soon as they get worn or damaged.

The great thing about brakes is that they will show signs that indicate they need changing. But not every vehicle owner knows these signs. With this in mind, the car repair experts at Cassels Garage have outlined the following telltale signs that indicate your brakes need replacement.

1. When The Nose Of Your Car Leans To A Side When You Brake

Brake pads on your car don’t always wear out at the same rate. Those on one side of the equation may become thinner faster than those on the other. If this happens, the car may pull to the right or left when you apply the brakes.

If you ignore the problem, you’ll be putting undue strain on your steering rack, steering knuckles, vehicle’s ball joints, and wheel bearings. Don’t take chances; have a qualified mechanic look into the issue right away.

Have in mind that this sign can also be caused by other problems, including unequal tire pressure, a damaged wheel bearing, or a faulty brake caliper.

2. When Your Brake Squeals

When slowing or stopping, the most obvious symptom that something is wrong with your brakes is usually a dreadful, high-pitched screaming noise. Depending on the nature of the sound, it could signal one or more potential problems with the braking system. A steady screeching sound when you stop a car without ABS is usually a sign of worn or hardened brake pads. This is because the contact area is all the same size, which causes friction.

Drum brakes can also scream, screech, or squeal if the meat of the internal pads has worn down to the metal, or if the material has hardened up too much due to heat and age.

3. When Your Pedal Response Isn’t Right

Have you ever needed to press the brake pedal all the way down to the floor? That’s an indication of soft brakes which can either be as a result of your brake pads being completely worn out, a hydraulic system malfunction, an air leak, or the brake fluid leaking.

Hard brakes, on the other hand, occur when the brake pedal is practically impossible to work. There could be a break line blockage or a problem with the car’s vacuum system.

Have these issues checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible before they cause more issues or, worse, a full braking failure.

4. When Your Break Makes A Clicking Sound

In some autos, the brake pads are held in place by a unique device. Other vehicles use clips, nuts, or pins to retain them in place. The purpose of these designs, in any case, is to keep the brake pads from wobbling around.

If they become loose in any manner, they’ll start to rattle (for example, if any part of the surrounding hardware is damaged). As a result, you’ll hear a clicking sound anytime you step on or release the brake pedal. Have it checked by a car repair service.

5. Brake Pad Less Than A Quarter Inch

If you have disc brakes, you can inspect the brake pads yourself to see if they are worn out and need replacement. Although this may require removing the wheels.

You should be able to see your brake pads crushed against the rotor if you look down into the brake assembly that holds the pads. Consider having your brakes inspected if the friction material attached to the pad is less than 14 inches thick, especially if it has been long since you last had it inspected.

What Should You Do?

Your driving pattern plays a role in how long your brakes last. Driving with a heavy foot, failure to flush brake lines, or using lower gears are some of the factors that can cause brake damage. Your brakes can also become permanently damaged if you refuse to replace damaged brake components.

Get Professional Brake replacement Services in Florida

Do you have concerns regarding the condition of your brakes? Cassels Garage offers professional brake repair and fleet maintenance services in Melbourne, FL, Indialantic, FL, West Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas. They are the experts when it comes to all things auto repair. Their skilled brake specialists will diagnose your car if it has any of these symptoms. They’ll then offer effective and prompt repairs that won’t break the bank. Call Cassels Garage today at 3217272111 to quickly fix your brakes and make your car safer for you.

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