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Skip the Aggressive Sales Pitches and Mega-Dealers, Fast-forward to Customized Car Concierge Service

Published on January 22, 2021
Car Concierge Service

Let’s face it, COVID-19 has drastically impacted how often we do everyday things as simple as going to the grocery store or a movie.  Do I have to wear a mask, will others take the precautions such as social distancing and hand sanitizing seriously, and so forth?  Is it even worth the hassle?  So, if you are in the market for a quality, used vehicle for your personal use or commercial business needs, a crowded, mega-dealership experience and their screaming ‘deals’ –rarely as good as they sound– can be daunting.  According to CNBC Evolve, “the used car boom is one of the hottest, and trickiest, coronavirus markets for consumers.”

At Cassels Garage serving Melbourne, West Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay, Indialantic and beyond, you can count on no tricks and no hassle.

Shop Local, Get Started from the Comfort of your Own Home or Office

In addition to quality full-service auto repair and auto maintenance performed by Cassels Garage experienced mechanics and customer service team, we offer a unique customized car concierge service.  As an informed consumer, whether you know exactly what you are looking for or even if you are not 100 percent sure, our expertise in the industry can help guide you to a make and model to satisfy your personal driving or commercial vehicle needs.

How does Cassels Garage Customize Car Concierge Service Work for You?

It’s personalized and it’s easy!  Our dealer license enables us to shop the wholesale auto auctions (the same ones the big guys attend) armed with your wish list. A little patience and partnership with us can result in a big win for you.

  • Want a 3- to 4-year-old Mini Cooper S, convertible, in white?
  • A Lexus 460 with under 75k miles, in blue?
  • A 16ft box truck or trucks, in diesel?
  • Need a durable, cost effective vehicle because your ride-share side job has become a full-time COVID gig, transporting people and meal deliveries?
  • Need a second vehicle because you are wearing out your personal vehicle for work travel to avoid mass transportation?

Once we locate a vehicle matching your criteria, we notify you. If you approve the purchase, we take care of acquiring the car. You purchase it directly from Cassels Garage at a near wholesale price! We even take care of local registration, all as part of our Car Concierge service.  We are not just a dealer; next we can handle all of your auto service and maintenance needs at competitive and affordable rates. But don’t just take our word for it, hear directly what our new and long-term customers have to say in reviews.

Personalized, easy, no tricks, no hassle.

Let Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL, family-owned and operated since 1966, get started on looking for your next set of wheels!​

Send us a message or call today 321.727.2111 for an inquiry.

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