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How To Pick The Right Brevard Mechanic For Fleet Maintenance

Published on July 27, 2022
Commercial Truck Fleet

Commercial business owners in Brevard County, Florida have to make a couple of big decisions regarding their vehicle fleets. Decisions such as branding, make/model, and amount often are some of the largest, however, there is one decision that is by far the biggest. What mechanic will you pick to maintain your vehicle fleet?

It is vital that you pick a local mechanic near you to maintain your vehicle fleet for 3 reasons. First, a local mechanic is accountable for your business’s needs. Second, local mechanics will work with you to source the right parts for your fleet. Third, a local mechanic understands the driving conditions in the local area and can prevent costly breakdowns.

Businesses with fleets in Brevard County will often make the mistake of hiring a large mechanic to maintain their commercial vehicles. It is by far better to get a local mechanic who has the capability to maintain your fleet for these 3 reasons.

A Local Mechanic Is Accountable To Your Business’s Needs

One of the main reasons why you should pick a local mechanic to maintain your vehicle fleet is because they are held accountable for your business’s needs.

No matter what your company does, if it has a fleet of vehicles then you absolutely need to have a mechanic who will keep them running in top shape for you. This is because any time one of your fleet vehicles goes down then it is the mechanics’ job to get it back up and running for you.

Having a local mechanic such as Cassells Garage here in Brevard County, Florida is vital to keeping your business running at 100%. While we are a local mechanic we are more than qualified to maintain your vehicle fleet so that your company is always working as intended.

Unlike maintaining a personal car a vehicle fleet requires constant supervision and upkeep. This is because if just one of your trucks or cars goes down then it means a disruption of service. We understand how vital it is for you to be always on the road so we make sure your vehicles are squared away so that you can do what you do best, run your business.

Other large chain mechanics simply are out of reach when you need them the most. We work with you and tailor fit our services and products to your individual company’s needs. This is why we are one of the most popular choices for commercial mechanics in Brevard County.

Local Mechanics Will Work With You To Source The Best Parts For Your Fleet

The second reason why you should choose a local mechanic to maintain your commercial fleet is that we are able to more effectively source the best parts for your fleet.

Large chain mechanics will give often give you the most affordable part for them. These parts often are designed to work for only a set amount of miles before having to be replaced. More importantly, their services are not able to be custom fit to your commercial fleet’s needs. Using them you will get one part and one service. Unfortunately, this is not the best choice for companies in Brevard County because each commercial fleet requires a tailor-fit service.

When you bring us on as your commercial fleet mechanic we can source the absolute best parts for your commercial fleet and keep them stocked. This way when one of your trucks or cars goes down we can get it back up and running at a fraction of the time that it would take other mechanics.

On top of this, we can tailor fit our services to meet the demands of your commercial fleet. Maybe your fleet needs to drive 1,000 miles a day once a month, we can service that. On the other hand, maybe your fleet needs to have 3 sets of tires for different seasons for insurance reasons, we can service that. Unlike larger chain mechanics we can fit our services to the needs of your commercial fleet.

Simply put, one of the main reasons you should choose a local mechanic over a large chain mechanic to manage your fleet is because we can tailor fit our services and get the best parts for your commercial fleet.

A Local Mechanic Understands The Driving Conditions Of The Area And Can Prepare Your Fleet Properly

The third reason why you should choose a local mechanic to maintain your commercial fleet is that they live, work, and most importantly drive in the local area.

When you come to see us at Cassels Garage know that we are drivers first and foremost. We know the road conditions of the local region and can fit your commercial fleet to operate in nearly all weather and road conditions.

Here in Brevard County, Florida, we have hot summers and relaxing winters, sunny days and hurricanes, and everything from dirt to paved roads. Tire pressure, oil, and internal engine components should all be changed and maintained to reflect these changing conditions. The last thing your commercial fleet needs is to have the wrong tire pressure during the hottest months. It only takes a second to adjust the tires but can save you thousands in repairs.

This is what we mean when we say that we tailor fit our products and services to your commercial fleet’s needs. You simply need to tell us what your business needs out of a commercial fleet mechanic and we do the rest. You and your commercial fleet can rest easy knowing that it is in good hands.


Those are the three reasons that should help guide you in picking the right Brevard mechanic for fleet maintenance.

While maintaining a commercial fleet is a big task it does not have to be a hard one. If you are on the fence about which mechanic to bring on to maintain your fleet then I highly suggest you reach out to us for a no-obligation and honest discussion. We will give you a straight answer on what you will need to keep your vehicles on the road so that your company can operate at 100% efficiency.

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