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3 Reasons for a Local Mechanic

Published on June 10, 2022
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Your car is an extension of yourself. Here in Melbourne, Florida it is vital that you get your car worked on by a local mechanic who deals with the same road conditions as you. Fortunately, our mechanics here at Cassels Garage are used to the hot Melbourne heat and are ready to work on both your car as they would theirs.

There are 3 main reasons why you should have a local mechanic near you work on your car. First, a mechanic near you is often embedded in the local community and wants to help others. Second, mechanics who live near you share the same road conditions and know how to prepare a vehicle to operate at peak performance. Third, a mechanic who lives near holds themselves to a higher standard than others.

When it comes to finding a local mechanic near you we want you to think of Cassels Garage here in Melbourne, Florida. We pride ourselves on our work and have been serving the local Melbourne community for over 50 years! There is a reason we have earned our reputation as one of the best local mechanics around.

Without further ado, here are the 3 reasons to make Cassels Garage your local Melbourne mechanic.

A Mechanic Near you Is Part Of The Local Community

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One of the main reasons why you should choose Cassels Garage as your local mechanic in Melbourne, Florida, is because we have been here for 56 years.

That’s 56 years of serving the Melbourne community as everyone’s local mechanic. We have seen mechanic shops come and go overnight over those five decades. The main reason they go? They don’t work to help the local community.

Every vehicle we work on in Brevard county is expected to run at peak performance upon leaving our shop. We take immense pride in seeing our work driving down the same roads as we do.

It is because of this exceptional service that we have obtained and maintained our reputation. Here at Cassels Garage we aim to build relationships within our community that will last a lifetime

Cassels Garage has been a part of the Melbourne community for over a half century now. We take our work very seriously and strive to provide the best service to our neighbors.

The problem with other larger mechanic shops is that since they are so large they don’t have to worry about working to help the local community. This presents a problem overtime and leads to many of the horror stories of car treatment we hear from our clients.

When you take your car to a local mechanic near you this should not be a problem. Here at Cassels we treat your vehicle with the same respect we would give to ours.

Mechanics Who Live Near You Share The Same Road Conditions

Another reason to make Cassels your local Melbourne Mechanic is because we share the same road conditions as you do.

Salt water causing corrosion? Heat damage to your car paint? Maybe one of the Melbourne squirrels made a nest in your engine bay? Trust me we have seen it all. Not just with the cars we have worked on but our own as well.

When you’re choosing a mechanic near you it is important that you see if they drive in the same conditions that you do. There are hundreds of small variables that need to be tweaked for your vehicle to run at peak performance and extend its lifetime.

An example of this is the salt water we have in Melbourne. It is vital that a mechanic takes the steps necessary to protect your car from the rust and corrosion that comes from living near the ocean.

A mechanic from a large shop might either not care or not know about the local driving conditions. However, here at Cassels Garage we protect and treat your car the same way we do to ours. If you come in with some rust on your undercarriage we will address it with the same care we would apply to our own vehicle.

Most mechanics at large shops will do what they are paid to do regardless of its impact to the consumer. Instead we aim to build a lasting relationship with you and your car. This is why we often see people bringing their family and friends back. We drive in the same environment that you do.

This means that we can recommend products and services that are tailored to fit your vehicle’s needs. Not only does this protect your vehicle but it provides for a more cost effective experience.

A Local Mechanic Is Held To A Higher Standard

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Another reason to choose Cassels Garage as your local Melbourne mechanic is because we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other shops.

Since we live and work in the local Melbourne community we often run into the same cars we work on daily. We have serviced thousands of vehicles all from the local Brevard region over our 50 years. All of our mechanics put 110% effort into every vehicle we work on.

The reason for this is because we hold ourselves to a higher standard. This comes from our relationships across the local Brevard community. It is one thing to work on a vehicle, it is another to build a relationship with the owner.

It is these relationships that we have built over 50 years that constantly push us to be the best local mechanic in Brevard county. Unlike larger mechanics that don’t need to build a relationship we put our name into every car we work on.

This is the reason that people across Melbourne have chosen us as their local mechanic. We take joy in knowing that entire generations of families have brought their cars to us. With each vehicle we work on, our reputation grows and we work every day to maintain that.

As such, when you think of finding your next local mechanic in Melbourne Florida think about giving Cassels Garage a shot.


Those are the 3 reasons why everyone should use a local mechanic. Larger shops which operate nationally are not hurt if they perform bad work. However, here at Cassels Garage we only serve residents of Brevard county, Florida. We live off our superior reputation as the best local mechanic in Melbourne.

If you are having any difficulties with your car or just want to talk ‘shop’ with us then give us a call at (321)727-2111 or send an email at You can also book an online service or request a shuttle by clicking here.


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