A Positive Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

Published on January 18, 2020
2020 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Another year has gone and we just can’t believe how quickly it went. The year 2020 is here, and at Cassels Garage we are so excited to see what this year has in store for us. In our last blog, we discussed some New Year’s resolutions that you might actually be able to keep. This week we thought it would be fun to give you some resolutions that might be a bit harder to keep but would benefit you in the years to come.  We are so excited to see what 2020 will bring and we hope we can help give you ideas for ways to better yourself this year. Here is a positive spin on some common New Year’s resolutions you may consider this year.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

The common phrase “lose some weight” insinuates that there is something that needs to be “lost”. Instead, this year let’s think of it as gaining knowledge about what a healthy lifestyle looks like. If you are someone who wants a change in diet or fitness, consider taking small steps this year to better yourself. We each are only given one body, so it’s important to take good care of it. Drink more water, eat more greens, and just stay active. You can do it!


Change your spending habits

Spending less money is a hard resolution to keep. So, instead, let’s think of it as saving your money so that you can spend it on more adventures this year. Save it so that you can explore the unknown or make a memory with a loved one. Spend less on the material items and more on experiences and memories. Your mental health and bank account will thank you.


Take care of your car

Now this one is super easy – just come on over and see us at Cassels Garage! We are a family-owned and operated business here in Brevard County. We can help you and your vehicle with a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services, from transmission repairs to oil changes in Melbourne, FL. Drive on over today and see what we can do for your vehicle today. We hope that 2020 will be your best year yet!

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