Choosing The Right Garage

Choosing the right garage

Imagine yourself driving down a sunny, breezy street: sunglasses on, wind in your hair, music blasting through the speakers, a destination in mind. Everything is going splendidly; your car is running smoothly and you know it’s going to be a good day. Suddenly, your car starts making a worrisome sound and screeches to a halt. No one can anticipate these instances and it’s at times like these you will be glad to have a knowledgeable, trustworthy mechanic. Having a good auto repair shop can help ensure your car is getting routine maintenance as needed, and it comes in handy at times of unforeseen problems. But how does one find a good repair shop?

Ask Around

Trial and error is a commonly used method to finding a suitable mechanic. However, save yourself the money and headache and ask around — chances are a friend, coworker or family member already has a garage they like and recommend.

Read Reviews

In our digital era where businesses are driven by online reviews, take a few minutes to research local car shops in your area. Be sure to read some of the reviews instead of solely making a decision based on star scoring as they can sometimes be misleading. Knowing what past customers liked or disliked can help you know if a particular auto repair shop is suitable for your needs.

Ask Questions

Once you have narrowed your search to a few garages, call and ask questions. Consider asking for price ranges, estimated time period for a service, if they maintain vehicle records, or whatever else you need to know in order to feel comfortable bringing your car to that particular auto shop.

Having an automotive repair garage set up in case of an emergency can ease the process when the time comes. Additionally, it will also help keep up with the scheduled maintenance services your vehicle might need. At Cassels Garage we offer a variety of car services ranging from general checkups to oil changes and transmission repairs. If you are looking for an auto shop in Melbourne, FL, call us with any questions or to book an appointment.

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