Driving Up North for the First Time

Driving in the Snow

Those who are born and raised right here in Brevard County may never have experienced driving in snow or icy conditions. But, if you’re planning a trip up north this winter, it may be your first time driving through any sort of winter weather. At Cassels Garage, our Melbourne, FL auto repair & service specialists have driving safety at the forefront of our minds. So, this week we put together a list of tips to help you make it to your northern destination safely!


Be prepared to move slowly

This is not the time to pull a Ricky Bobby and “Go fast!” It is important that you take it extremely slowly, especially if there is even a hint of snow on the ground. You might think it is just a flurry, but even a little bit of snow glazing the roads can make driving more dangerous. So, just take things slowly. Leave yourself enough time to get to where you need to go without rushing.


Refresh your memory on driver’s education rules

Brush up on some driving tips like keeping your hands on the wheel at 10 and 2. Leave ample room between you and the car in front of you. Don’t ride your brakes, especially in the snow. Driving in snowy conditions is different than what many Floridians are used to, so it won’t hurt to do a little research before your trip.


Bring your own shovel and scraper

It may seem silly, but you never know when you might need to shovel your car out of a snow pile or scrape ice off your windshield while you are up north. Being from Florida, you may never need to use an ice scraper again, but it is a good investment to make if you plan to venture up north! Side note – antifreeze spray for your windshield might also be a winning idea.


Watch for slick spots and deer

As we mentioned above, it might seem like there is just a light dusting of snow, but that dusting can create black ice that can be impossible to see. Be sure to keep a lookout for any snow that is blowing across the road, and as we said before, take it slow!


Also, keep a lookout for deer. Deer tend to come out of the woodworks (literally) when the snow starts to fall so be watching. Rule of thumb – if you see one there are probably more to come, so just stop until you are sure they have all passed.


Bring your own salt

Much like the shovel and scraper, it is a good idea to bring some salt in your car. Salt helps melt snow and ice to make it safer to walk and drive. You would hate to slip on the walk from the hotel to your car. Throw some salt out around your car and give it a couple of minutes to work its magic. Slick ice is no joke, and no one wants to get hurt during the holidays!


Get your car checked out by an auto mechanic

Come see us at Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL before you hit the winter roads! Let us know your travel plans and we will make sure that your vehicle is all taken care of and have you on your way. We offer a variety of auto maintenance and repair services like oil changes, brake checks, and transmission repairs. Call or book an appointment online today!