Easy Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching here in Brevard County. This means you may soon be shopping more than usual. You may be spending more at the grocery store stocking up your pantry. You may be also traveling long distances and spending a lot on gas and supplies. This can take a toll on your bank account if you aren’t careful. This season can be a stressful one for many families who are on a tight budget. At Cassels Garage we want to make sure you enjoy this time of the year rather than worrying about how much you are spending. So, here is a list of easy ways you can save a little money this holiday season.

Make a Holiday Budget

This might seem silly, but write down how much you are willing to spending on gifts, food, traveling and more. This way you aren’t blind-sided when the credit card bill comes and you also won’t overspend. Set a budget to follow and stick to it when getting all of you holiday goodies.

Coupons are Key

This tip kind of goes along with your planning your holiday budget. Take some time before you go on a shopping escapade and round up your coupons. Plan out what you are going to buy and where, so you know where you can get the most of your coupons.

Keep a Change Jar

It may seem a little childish to keep a sort of piggy bank with all your loose change, but that change can add up quickly. Try to start rounding up your change and keeping it in a jar, or if your feeling wild, a piggy bank. This way you aren’t losing easy money. Save as much change as possible then trade it in for some easy cash.

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