Holiday Travel Tips

Christmas Travel

The holidays are almost here, and you know what that means – so is the busiest travel time of the year! We want to help make your trips go as smoothly as possible, so here are a few quick tips to help you survive traveling this holiday travel season.

Airport madness?

This season is the airport’s super bowl. They prep all year to make sure they are prepared for the crazy that ensues in December. So, now it is your turn to prepare! Don’t be like Kevin McCallister’s family, set your alarms and get to the airport at least two or three hours early. Three hours early might seem like a bit much, but if you get suck in both the bag check line and security for over an hour and it is a big airport, you may still be left running to your gate. Not to mention how often gates change during the holidays. Just save yourself some stress and get there early! Be prepared to wait in line. Traveling with kids? Pack games for them to play with and snacks just in case.


Early check-in?

Many airlines offer this amazing thing called early check-in! This allows you to check-in super far in advance and may also get you a better seat. You may have to pay a little extra for it but with all the people traveling this time a year, it is probably worth it. This way you also don’t have to remember to check in the night before because you have already done it!


Last-minute flights?

Obviously, it is not the best idea to book a flight during the busiest flying season of the year, but you may be able to score a seat. Try to book on Tuesday for the best deal. Not seeing any tickets on travel booking sites? Do directly to the airlines, they might be holding back seats for people who book directly through them.


Traveling with pets?

If you are flying with your pet for the first time, we recommend you look at your airline’s policy on pets. Each one is different so you might need to double-check. Many airlines charge extra for them or have rules about what kennels they must be stowed in, and you might also need to make a reservation, so look into that before you head to the airport. Driving with your pet for the holidays? Here are a few tips to keep your car and your pet safe.


Driving up north for the first time?

If you were born and raised in Florida, you may never have had the pleasure of driving through icy winter weather. Our advice? Take it super slow. Don’t rush yourself. If you miss the turkey being carved that is okay. Just plan ahead and add extra time to get to where you are going! For tips on how to prep your car for holiday driving, check out this previous blog. And stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we give you more tips on driving up not for the first time.


Wherever the holidays may take you, we want you to get there safely. Whether it’s flying or driving, it is still very important to get your car prepped and ready to go. We perform auto maintenance services like transmission repairs, oil changes, and brake checks. So, please come to see us at Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL for all of your car servicing and auto repair needs.