Keep Your Car Running Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car Running Cool This Summer

Outdoor temperatures are rising, and so is the heat in your car. On a hot sunny day, the interior temperature of your car can be well over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When you get in your car, the first thing you want to do is crank your AC and cool off. Before summer strikes in full force, we have some suggestions to protect your car from these extreme temperatures and keep your air conditioner running like a champ. At Cassels Garage here in Melbourne, Florida we have some tips keep cool and your car running smoothly all summer long.

Vehicles need special care in this hot climate. Driving an overheated vehicle can cause expensive damage. Older cars and trucks are especially vulnerable during these hot summer months. Even newer vehicles have issues if you don’t heed warning signs and stay on top of hot-weather maintenance. Running too hot can degrade engine oil, ruin gasket seals and damage the engine.

Here are six tips for keeping your car running cool in the blistering heat.

  1. Keep your coolant system topped off when it’s hot out.
  2. Pull off the road if the vehicle’s temperature gauge gives you a warning.
  3. Check your Radiator. Your radiator keeps your engine cool. Make sure you have the coolant checked with every oil change. If you change your oil at Cassel’s Garage, we do check for this. Have your system flushed every 2 years. Radiator fluid should never look milky or rusty. If it does, bring it to a mechanic to be flushed. When the engine is hot, do not remove the radiator cap. If the coolant is boiling, the pressure from opening the cap could cause it to splash up and burn your arms or face.
  4. Check your Hoses. Hoses circulate your coolant. If your hose is worn out, it won’t be doing a good job circulating the coolant. Extreme heat can damage a worn hose. Hoses usually need to be replaced every 4 years. You can visually check for leaks or cracks. You can bring your car to Cassels Garage and one or our technicians can look it over.
  5. Replace your Cabin Air Filter. If your air conditioner is not running as cool as it should, it may be time to replace your cabin air filter. It’s a good idea to get this replaced every 20,000 miles.
  6. Make sure the temperature gauge on your car is cool. Running your AC, driving high speeds, pulling a heavy load or idling in traffic, can make your car run hot. If you think your car is at risk for overheating pull off the road, giver your car time to cool down and then call to get it serviced. Driving an overheated car can cause damage and be expensive to repair.

Don’t let the heat of the summer ruin your fun! Use these tips to keep your running cool and you can take those nice weekend road trips without worrying.

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