Picking the Ultimate Audiobook for Your Summer Road Trip

Packing for Road Trip

During vacations season, many families choose to travel by car so they can experience the great open roads here in our nation! At Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL, we know how important it is to get out and see the world while you have the time so we want to encourage everyone to take this summer time to do that! We also understand that these road trips can be long and boring if you don’t plan ahead.

So, for the next two blogs, we thought it might be cool to give you some tips on keeping the kids entertained on the way to the destination as well as on the way back. This blog specifically talks about what audiobooks are and how to pick the best one for your travels. Read on for more.

What is an Audiobook?

Well, if you don’t already know, audiobooks are like the modern age book on cassette, tape or CD. They are usually downloaded from a website like iTunes or Audible. These are perfect for the kids who maybe aren’t up to reading big books quite on their own or for the adults who just don’t have the time to sit down and read. Audiobooks allow the reader to hear a story and also keep their eyes on the road. They provide a great source of entertainment and make the car ride seem less long and boring that it would otherwise.

How do you know which one to pick?

First, consider what your passenger’s interests are. What kind of books do they usually enjoy? What is their reading comprehension level? The amazing thing about audiobooks is that there are SO many types. They are literally books someone took the time to record out loud, and there are many options.

Consider picking a favorite

If you aren’t sure if you or your riders will like a book, consider downloading an audiobook that they already like. This will allow them to escape and enjoy the story in a whole new way. These voice over actors portray the characters in ways that you may have never thought the characters would speak, so why not give it a go with a sure winner?

Try out a series

Downloading different audiobook series is kind of fun, especially if you have a long trip there and back. You can enjoy the first book of whatever series on the way. Then, when it is time to pack up and head home, the kids or passengers have the second audiobook to look forward to.

Cassels Garage hopes you truly enjoy getting to see our amazing country. We also would love for you to stop in to see us here in our Melbourne garage and repair shop before you leave. We will make sure everything under the hood is completely ready and you can be on your way with the peace of mind that everything in your Palm Bay vehicle is okay and up for the challenge. We’ll check your brakes, change your oil, and rotate your tires. Come or call in to speak to us today!

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