Roadside Emergencies: Preventing and Preparedness

Roadside Emergencies: Prevention & Preparedness

In a previous post, we covered the potential problems revolving around underinflated or overinflated tires. A blowout is a stressful driving event which more than likely leads to a roadside emergency situation. A flat tire usually loses pressure gradually resulting in a less reactive, but still taxing driving scenario and repair. Let’s take a look at the most common causes for breakdowns and what you should carry in your car to handle roadside emergencies. At Cassels Garage in Melbourne Florida, we can help you regularly service and maintain your vehicle proactively to avoid as many mishaps and emergency situations as possible.

Driving for the most part is an uneventful task, but there are a multitude of factors that could result in a breakdown. Keeping your car serviced by a qualified mechanic, checking your fluids (brake, transmission, windshield wiper, power steering, coolant and battery) regularly, and paying attention to dashboard warning lights are all things to do to a potentially ward off a car breakdown or roadside emergency. Here is a list of the potential causes that could lead to needing roadside assistance and / or an emergency car kit.

  1. Alternator issues
  2. Brake problems: pulling, squeaking, grinding
  3. Transmission sensor issues
  4. Engine control software malfunctions
  5. Engine issues: cracked hoses, coolant leaks, overheating
  6. Worn out spark plugs
  7. Clutch cable issues
  8. Fuel issues
  9. Damaged tires / wheels
  10. Lost keys / lockouts
  11. Battery failures

There are many systems and components which need to run cohesively to get you from point A to point B! And while properly maintaining your car on schedule is a positive step in keeping your vehicle running safely and effectively, accidents do happen and problems do arise unexpectedly. While you can be proactive by keeping your vehicle in good operating condition, it’s also probably wise to create or purchase a prepackaged emergency kit to keep in your car. Familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual that comes with your car too so you will know how to interpret and react to different warning signals. You may also want to program your cell phone with the appropriate emergency numbers and keep a hard copy in the glove box.

In our follow up blog, we will discuss what to do during a driving emergency and outline how you can create your own roadside emergency kit to keep in your vehicle should a problem ever arise. Cassels Garage is a full service automotive repair facility servicing Brevard County. We provide quality work at affordable rates. Open Monday through Friday, 8-5, we can help you in your quest to satisfactorily maintain your vehicle and avoid as many of the numerous breakdown scenarios as possible. Call us to schedule an appointment at 321-727-2111. Drive safely!

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