Do you have a teen driver in your house? One that is about ready to get behind the wheel? While they’re probably ready and raring to go, there are a few car safety tips that they need to keep in mind! Don’t let your teen learn bad car maintenance and driving habits when they’re just getting started driving. Instead, teach them the importance of being aware and cautious when they’re out driving on the road. And, while driving safely is of huge importance for them to know, they also need to be aware of how to handle car issues as they arise.

It’s a smart idea to give them the local number of automotive specialists in your area that you trust. That way, if they’re out on their own driving and they run into a problem, they can easily call up a trusted repair shop to come and assist them as needed.

Sharing these car safety tips with your teen driver can be a real lifesaver!

•     Make certain the tire pressure is good

Blown tires happen quickly and can cause major accidents and issues. Tell your teen driver the importance of always checking the tire pressure and show them how to do so. This can be a simple step to help avoid tire issues.

•     Always have the headlights on when it’s raining

In some states, this is actually a law. If it’s raining outside and the car’s windshield wipers are going, it’s important to have on the headlights as well. This is to ensure that oncoming traffic can see you just in case it starts raining really hard, and it’s a way to improve vision for the driver, too.

If your teen notices that the windshield wipers are not working properly, they need to replace them or find an automotive repair shop that can assist as soon as possible. Having windshield wipers that work well is key!

•     Keep all distractions away when driving

One of the biggest safety items to teach your teen is to put all potential distractions away from them when they are driving. No phone, no texting, no taking selfies, no fumbling with the radio…none of that! When they’re behind the wheel, they need to make certain their eyes (and their attention) are focused on the road.

•     Pay attention to warning lights and how the car is driving

Sometimes the car will actually give signals that it needs to be repaired. This is important to pay attention to! Teach your teen to pay attention to the warning lights on the dashboard. And, if something feels weird or different, then they need to pull into an automotive repair shop and get help.

These tips for your teen driver will help them be safe when they’re driving down the road! If you’re in the Melbourne, FL area and are looking for an honest, reliable auto mechanic, contact us at Cassels Garage. We’d be happy to assess your teen’s car and perform any vehicle maintenance or repairs ranging from an oil change to brake checks and transmission repairs.