I think I have an Oil Leak. Now What?

Published on September 28, 2020
Oil leak from the car's engine on the parking lot. Car inspection and maintenance service

Have you ever pulled out of your driveway only to see a sludgy puddle where your car was just parked? What is that sludge, and did it come from the car? If you’ve been in this scenario, you already know your vehicle has an oil leak. And that’s not fun. Cassels Garage, Melbourne, Florida’s trusted auto repair shop for over 50 years now, knows an oil leak can lead to big problems. We know you don’t have time for this right now. Who does? We will break down what to do if you have an oil leak and what to do about it. We want you on the road, safe and sound.

I think my car is leaking oil. How can I tell?

Oil leaks generally leave a puddle close to your car’s front. A slick pool of dark brown or black fluid is generally a pretty accurate indicator. It’s common for a few drops to escape here and there, but you may be leaking oil fast and furiously if you notice a larger spot.  

While a puddle of fluid usually alerts most vehicle owners to an oil leak, you can still have leaks without seeing a spot on the garage floor. If you notice smoke coming from under the hood, an internal oil leak could be the culprit. When oil hits the exhaust manifold, it can lead to smoke escaping from the front of the car. You might also notice a burning smell and even hear a peculiar sound coming from under the hood.

Smoke and puddles aren’t the only things that may alert you to an oil leak. Thankfully, vehicles come with a light alerting that comes on when oil pressure is low. Now, this light might not mean you have an actual leak. It could be that it’s just time for an oil change. No matter the reason, pay attention to your vehicle’s oil pressure light.

What do I do about an oil leak? I’m not a mechanic.

You’ve got a few options here. First of all, it’s pretty easy for anyone (expert or not) to check the vehicle’s oil pan plug. You can find the plug on the side of or underneath the oil pan. Make sure it is secure. You can also check to see if the oil filter is securely in place. These are both things that the average person can do without assistance. If you do these checks and still see oil, it is probably time to contact Cassels Garage. We can get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution.

Cassels Garage has the answers you need.

Owning a vehicle takes a lot of work, and sometimes you can’t figure out what to do. Cassels Garage is here to help you determine the next steps. Our mission is to provide excellent service, no matter how small the job. You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Contact us today!

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