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5on Google,Nov 13, 2023


I’ve never been to a better car mechanic shop in my life. No one has come even remotely close.

5on Google,Nov 10, 2023


My car is almost 16 years old and has 120,000 miles on it. I've been told Honda Elements can make it to 300k if they're taken care of. I have been searching for a shop that I can trust and is convenient. I must have read 50 reviews on Cassels, and was thoroughly impressed. It also helps that it's literally one block away from where I work. All I needed today was an oil change and a basic "make sure everything else looks good". Communication was fabulous, and I am so happy to know that help is so close by. Friendliness and interest in your customer goes a long way!

5on Google,Oct 27, 2023


A solid place for automotive repairs. I had the good fortune to visit this automotive repair facility and it blew my mind. I was greeted by the best - most friendly staff at the front counter. My automotive needs were explained to me in the most easy to understand terms. I never felt that they were trying to deceive me. As a matter of fact they had some new software that showed me pictures of my issues and made my experience even more enjoyable. They have a Rockstar mechanic named Steve that didn't talk down to me and explained the whole process. I was happy I visited this location because of the people that work there and the competence they exude. I would trust this location enough to send my wife or daughters in by themselves to have repairs made. Honestly, between Jeremy (the store manager) and Jen (the assistant manager) I have found a new home for my vehicle. It was an awesome experience and wish them both success. There's something magical about this place and I am thankful I found them. So thank you for everything guys! It was spectacular.

5on Google,Oct 17, 2023


I try to do most of the work on my vehicles as I can because of all the bad experiences I have had or heard of from friends and family. I have a hard time trusting anyone with my vehicles, but a year or two ago we took my wife's Prius to Cassel's because the repair required was a little outside my comfort zone for a youtube DIY, and it was a great experience. The price was fair and turn around time was efficient. We had such a good experience that I recently took my 4runner there for some work and was happy with the customer service and work the mechanics did. I have also referred family and friends there and they have all had great experiences. If you are researching through dozens of shops in the area trying to find a trustworthy shop with integrity and fair prices, this is the spot. Big thanks to Cassels for providing trust where it is often lost.

4on Google,Oct 02, 2023


Needed a brake job on my truck, they were very helpful and had me back on the road quick.

5on Google,Jul 27, 2023


Had the brake rotors and pads replaced on my 2019 Stinger. The stock brakes performed well but I was looking to upgrade when it was time to replace. After much research, I ordered a complete set online. Cassels was a approved installer listed on the website. This was my first time going to their shop. Everything was simple and the experience perfect. The shop is pristine and the employees very friendly. Dropped my car off first thing and it was ready in earlier than promised. Pick up was easy and the brake install was perfect. Based on my this first experience , I’ve taken another car in for service and my son has taken his older Explorer. Each time, Cassels has been great. Quality repair, never feeling pressured for unnecessary repairs, reasonable prices.

5on Google,Jun 30, 2023


I've lived in Melbourne for 79 yrs., my dad owned a gas station back in the 50s on US-1, it was spotless, if someone's car leaked oil near the gas pumps dad would clean it up right away. So I really appreciate the way Cassels is kept. When I get my vehicles back from Cassels I sometimes wonder if anything has been done because there are no greasy finger prints evident! Just had my Roadtrek Class B motorhome there for new sparkplugs, AC work and other service work. Now this vehicle is on a van chassis and it's a real pain to get at the sparkplugs and things in the cab have to be removed to get at the engine...I know a mechanic named Joe did the work and kudos to him! I am a happy camper!

5on Google,Jun 20, 2023


Was honest with the work that was needed to get my car road ready.

5on Google,Jun 02, 2023


Fair, fast and professional. A staple in Melbourne for many years.

5on Google,May 25, 2023


My water pump broke and I had to get towed to them over the weekend. They were nice on the phone and in person and they got my truck back out and driving in a timely manner.

5on Google,May 15, 2023


My goto place for car repairs .

5on Google,May 03, 2023


Had my car towed here by AAA, because they recommended this place. The level of professionalism and service was amazing. No hidden charges after original quote, even though they found another small issue. They corrected that issue with No extra cost and had my car completed in just a few hours. No excessive labor cost, And they have better rates than most other garages! This is the place to go in Melbourne!!! THANK YOU!

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