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5on Google,Jul 27, 2023


Had the brake rotors and pads replaced on my 2019 Stinger. The stock brakes performed well but I was looking to upgrade when it was time to replace. After much research, I ordered a complete set online. Cassels was a approved installer listed on the website. This was my first time going to their shop. Everything was simple and the experience perfect. The shop is pristine and the employees very friendly. Dropped my car off first thing and it was ready in earlier than promised. Pick up was easy and the brake install was perfect. Based on my this first experience , I’ve taken another car in for service and my son has taken his older Explorer. Each time, Cassels has been great. Quality repair, never feeling pressured for unnecessary repairs, reasonable prices.

5on Google,Jun 30, 2023


I've lived in Melbourne for 79 yrs., my dad owned a gas station back in the 50s on US-1, it was spotless, if someone's car leaked oil near the gas pumps dad would clean it up right away. So I really appreciate the way Cassels is kept. When I get my vehicles back from Cassels I sometimes wonder if anything has been done because there are no greasy finger prints evident! Just had my Roadtrek Class B motorhome there for new sparkplugs, AC work and other service work. Now this vehicle is on a van chassis and it's a real pain to get at the sparkplugs and things in the cab have to be removed to get at the engine...I know a mechanic named Joe did the work and kudos to him! I am a happy camper!

5on Google,Jun 20, 2023


Was honest with the work that was needed to get my car road ready.

5on Google,Jun 02, 2023


Fair, fast and professional. A staple in Melbourne for many years.

5on Google,May 25, 2023


My water pump broke and I had to get towed to them over the weekend. They were nice on the phone and in person and they got my truck back out and driving in a timely manner.

5on Google,May 15, 2023


My goto place for car repairs .

5on Google,May 03, 2023


Had my car towed here by AAA, because they recommended this place. The level of professionalism and service was amazing. No hidden charges after original quote, even though they found another small issue. They corrected that issue with No extra cost and had my car completed in just a few hours. No excessive labor cost, And they have better rates than most other garages! This is the place to go in Melbourne!!! THANK YOU!

5on Google,Apr 26, 2023


Great service. Thank you Cassels crew.

5on Google,Apr 26, 2023


Great bunch of people always reliable good work an amazing service I highly recommend them.

5on BBB,Apr 25, 2023


Four generations of my family have used Cassels Garage over the past 44 yrs; I know that when I leave the garage, my car is fixed and fixed correctly and that questions are answered to where I understand them. We took my new Kia to the dealership for sensor replacements and Cassels had to redo them for us. Won’t make that mistake again. Can’t say enough good things about the staff; we highly recommend them.

5on Google,Apr 25, 2023

R. Leonard

I brought my ford focus here after breaking down on the highway. As a mechanic myself I can say this is the most honest mechanic I've ever been to in my life. Not only was my experience here above and beyond but the building itself is amazingly well maintained clean and well thought out. And the staff is all super friendly and easy to talk too as well. This place was the saving grace to a bad day. Thanks everyone at cassels!

5on Google,Apr 24, 2023


Great experience. Brought my car in for AC fan replacement and recharge. They gave great timelines kept me well informed, they did a great job and prices were reasonable not more I could ask for. Thanks

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