What is “Kicking the Trade”?

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Cassels Garage has had the privilege of serving the people of Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Indialantic since 1966 with our auto repair and maintenance services. Over the 50+ years that we’ve been in business, we have seen certain trends and changes in the automotive industry. Some changes have been great, while others have been concerning.

One such trend in the auto buying industry called “kicking the trade” has come under scrutiny lately. A recent Wall Street Journal article titled “Dealerships Give Car Buyers Some Advice: Just Stop Paying Your Loan” explains what this underhanded practice is all about. Long story short, “kicking the trade” is when car dealers advise buyers (usually people looking to trade in their current vehicles) to let their auto loan lenders repossess their vehicles. Then the car dealers turn around and sell that buyer a new car.

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