Values We Can Stand By

At Cassels Garage we are very proud of the way we conduct our business. We value our customers and their opinions of the work that we do. We are a family owned business in Brevard County that really cares about the work we do for our community and our customers. We find that if you treat your customers with great service and uphold certain values, then they will continue to come back time and time again. We have listed a few of the values that we feel we at Cassels Garage can stand by.

Hard Work

When you work hard, the outcome speaks for itself. We at Cassels Garage will work hard to make sure that both the vehicle and the customer are taken care of. We want our customers to get to where they need to be, so we make sure that their vehicle is at its best. Our full-service garage is here to assist with all of our customers’ auto repair and tire service needs.


When you treat your customers with kindness, it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. There is enough negativity in the world right now and we don’t need to contribute to it. If you spread kindness, you get kindness. We treat our customers like family here at Cassels Garage and it shows in our work. Kindness is one of the keys to success and we hope that our customers feel that when they enter our garage.

Honesty & Trust

There is no trust without honesty. We pride ourselves on offering our customers honest quotes and honest work. We want our customers to feel like they can trust us to get the work done right, so, we provide honest communication between our talented staff and our amazing customers. We hope that when our customers leave that they feel like they can continue to return because they trust us to get the job done well.

At Cassels Garage we are proud to say that we have been serving Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas since 1966. Should you have any vehicle servicing needs, we hope you will trust us to get the work done honestly and with integrity.

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