Areas of Your Car to Get Detailed

Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car Cleaning

Do you ever wonder just how dirty your car truly is? Do you even want to know? Certain areas of your car need to be detailed more than you probably realize!

Let’s be real…when was the last time that you gave your car a truly deep clean? We’re talking about a deep clean that has it looking and smelling like new. Maybe…possibly…never? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, there are tons of others who are in the same boat as you. But, if you’re ready to get your car detailed, you can have it done quickly and easily!

•     Seats

So many things can get in and around the seats of your car! Think sweat, food, liquids…you name it. And those seats are shared by a lot of people! At the very minimum, you should vacuum these areas, especially the spaces between and under the seats. If you can get them shampooed and detailed, that would be even better!

•     Insides of the windows

Have you ever seen how much dust and dirt is on the inside of your windows? Go ahead and take a cloth and give it a little wipe now. You’ll be amazed at what it wipes off just on the inside of the window alone. Your vehicle’s windows could use a major scrub to get them sparkling clean.

•     Middle console

The middle console is like the meat and potatoes of your car. Literally so much is stored there, and it holds all the food, snacks and drinks. And what does that mean? It also holds all the crumbs and spills as well. If you’ve been putting off opening up your middle console to clean it out, it’s probably because you know how dirty it is!

Now, before the Florida summer gets too hot is the time to make it happen. Go ahead and take a small bag or box and start cleaning out the console of whatever items are hiding in there. Who knows, you may find a few long lost items that you didn’t even know you were missing!

•     Floorboards

If you live in an area that has tons of dirt, rocks or even salt from the winter months, you best believe that all of that debris has found its way onto your floorboards in your car. It’s time to take a vacuum and maybe even a car shampooer and clean off those floorboards. You’d be amazed at the amount of dirt that they can hold and store! Out with winter and in with summer in one simple motion, right?

If you’re on the fence about getting your car detailed and cleaned for summer, know that now is the time to make it happen! You’ll love the new clean look and smell! Your auto mechanic can tell you how important car maintenance is. Here at Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL our auto services include everything from car concierge to transmission repairs and oil changes. Come by today to get your car looking and driving like new!

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