Car Safety – Coronavirus Edition

Has your vehicle been collecting dust over the last few months? If you are like so many of us, the nationwide slow down had also put a dent in the amount of time we are spending on the road. For many, driving has come to a standstill so much so that car insurers like Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and more are actually giving money back to their customers. Now that the state has begun to reopen and Floridians are moving about more, you may have some car issues that need attendance. At Cassels Garage, we have over 50 years of experience and have the knowledge and ability for all of your car care and maintenance needs. We want to see you safe on the road.


Okay, first things first, isn’t it nice to be moving about again? Before you head out, we want your car to be ready to move forward. Even a month sitting idle can cause some of your vehicle’s systems to go wonky – it’s a technical term, we promise. Here is a checklist to get you safely on the road again.


Check the Battery


Start with the battery. This one is simple enough. If you can’t crank your car and there is absolutely no turnover power then your battery is the likely culprit. Your battery is vulnerable to problems when it sits for a while. Do a check and see if it still has some juice. If not, you can purchase a battery charger. If that’s not optimal for you, call up a friend or neighbor and ask for a jump. You can use jumper cables to see if you can get things started up again.


Assess the Tires


Next up assess your tires. If an idle mind is the devil’s workshop then an idle car is fodder for tire damage. Before you head out, make sure your tires have enough air. Do a flat check first. Check each tire for any flat spots or potential tears. Next up, pull out your pressure gauge and do an assessment. If they are too low, you will need to add air.


Test the Brakes


How are those brakes working? The old saying “if you don’t use it you lose it” certainly applies to brakes too. This can happen over a matter of days depending on conditions. If your vehicle has been parked outdoors this is especially true. Rust can build up and once you begin to drive the dust can make its way to the lining of the brake pad causing noise and uneven braking.


Check the Headlights


Windshield wipers and lights need a thorough check as well. Check for any wear and tear or damage before you hit the road again.


Just because your car has been sitting for a while, does not mean all is lost. We would love to help you make sure your car is in tip-top shape before you head out again. Call us today at Cassels Garage of Melbourne, FL to get you prepped and ready. We service all of Brevard County, so if you need car repair near you in Palm Bay, we have you covered. Customer service and safety are at the heart of all that we do. Contact our mechanic office today!

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