Is Your Car Becoming a Victim of the Elements?

Published on March 23, 2021
car driving in the sun

The benefits of living on the Space Coast are abundant… beaches, riverfronts, the year-round warm, breezy climate, nature, education opportunities, excellence in the aerospace, high-tech, and health care industries, and so much more. What is also abundant is atmospheric corrosivity such as airborne salinity, AKA, salt air which may require some level of preventative maintenance to keep your car in shape for longer.  “The NASA Kennedy Space Center beach corrosion test site is where atmospheric corrosivity is the highest corrosivity of any test site in the continental United States.” * Measurement of Atmospheric Corrosion Factors (

So Just How Significant Is the Impact of Beach Life Living on Your Vehicle(s)?

It does not take a NASA rocket scientist to recognize the negative effects on your vehicle from prolonged exposure to salt, the Florida sunshine, and high temperatures. Maybe first, it is just that annoying layer of white film or dust on your car two days after you had it detailed.  Next, you notice some patches of rust or maybe worse, corrosion of the precision parts under the hood or in the wheel wells. Without preventative maintenance, the iconic Florida climate elements can, and most likely will, affect your vehicle’s performance and road lifespan over time.

If you are living anywhere along the Space Coast, relocating, or even snowbirding here part-time, and seeking auto repair or preventative maintenance, Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL has got your car’s back, front, and everywhere in between.  With a 5-star Google review rating, you can expect complete customer satisfaction from the experienced auto experts at Cassels Garage.  They go the extra mile in the service center to keep your vehicle on the road for way longer than an extra mile.

Salt Damage to Cars

Brevard County has the largest land area of all of Florida’s 67 counties, boasting over 70 miles of coastline.  That means our coastal cities and areas large and small –from Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor, Indialantic, to Melbourne Beach and beyond, because of their proximity to the ocean, are exposed to higher airborne salinity (plain and simple… SALT or SALT SPRAY).  Some experts suggest that even living 20 miles inland – Palm Bay, West Melbourne or further) from bodies of saltwater, can still pose a great risk for salt-related damage to vehicle parts over time.

If you think your vehicle may be in jeopardy or is already exhibiting signs of salty damage, –rust or corrosion— check your edges.  The trunk, doors, and hood are often the first to show signs of concern.  Although with enough sustained exposure to saltiness, the entire vehicle can be vulnerable. Brakes, calipers, and wheel lug nuts are also high on the list of susceptibility.  If you are towing a boat trailer and regularly launching in the beautiful Indian and Banana rivers, pay close attention to those rear wheels.  Too often, a blowout could have been mitigated with preventative maintenance.  If you are on the road and suffer a blowout, rusted lug nuts are not easy to remove to change a tire.

Heat and Sun Damage to Cars

Just like salt, high temperatures and direct sun will create wear on your vehicle over time, potentially compromising its paint making it more vulnerable to corrosion.  Further prolonged exposure to both heat and direct sun can impact the longevity of your tires, consistency of your tire pressure, radiators, and air filters.  Evaporated floods under the hood may cause damage to your vehicle’s air conditioning system, transmission, and engine.  Hoses and belts can break and detach causing you frustration, potential safety problems, and repair costs that could have been prevented.

The reasons why most of us chose Brevard County, if we weren’t born and raised here, are the weather, the fascination and opportunity of the Space Coast, convenient location, and pretty reliable climate year-round, minus those pesky hurricanes.  We can visit the beach, participate in nature and outdoor events, and groundbreaking innovation in healthcare and aerospace.  Although Brevard is the largest land area county, if small-town life is your thing, quaint places like Indialantic, Satellite Beach, and Indian Harbor Beach, are not too far from the entertainment of Downtown Melbourne.  Cassels Garage serves customers from all of these areas at its full-service auto repair center located in Melbourne.

Family-owned and operated, proudly serving the auto repair needs of Brevard County for nearly 50 years, we are passionate about our community and our customers.  If you are seeking full-service auto repair, routine inspections, replacement of climate compromised (rust or corrosion) vehicle parts, or most any other service, you can expect a no-hassle, fair, affordable, and honest experience, at Cassels Garage.

Corroded parts will negatively impact your vehicle’s long-term performance, and more importantly, the safety of your occupants.  Come see us at Cassels Garage located in Melbourne, FL today, our experienced service technicians are the best in the business at preventing, maintaining, and repairing your vehicle the first time.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  –Benjamin Franklin

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