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Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

Published on July 10, 2015
Is Your Car Ready For Summer

One of the advantages of moving to Florida is that it’s no longer necessary to winterize your vehicle. However, it is a good idea to take some steps to prepare for summer. It is hot everywhere along the Eastern Seaboard in the summer months, but our frequent severe thunderstorms add an extra element of drama to driving in Brevard County.

Cassels Garage diligently and faithfully serves the residents of Brevard County with the utmost care and we want you to be prepared for the heat of summer. There are things you can do to assure your car will most definitely beat the heat. Here are some suggestions for preventative maintenance:

  • Check your tires. Overinflated tires make less contact with the road surface and are more likely to cause hydroplaning during a thunderstorm. Under-inflated tires put extra pressure on the tire sidewall and can cause a blowout. Tire pressure changes one or two PSI for every ten degree increase in outside temperature.
  • Replace your windshield wipers. Central Florida is famous for sudden, intense thunderstorms. Nighttime storms can decrease visibility by 15 to 20 feet in front of your vehicle. It is important to have effective wipers in those conditions.
  • Check your brakes. The most important safety equipment on your car are your brakes. It pays off to be proactive with brake maintenance. The cost of brake repair increases dramatically if minor problems are neglected. So if you notice any problem, it is wise to have your brakes inspected or repaired as soon as possible.
  • Check the coolant and radiator. Cars are designed to run hot, and that is good news for drivers on the Space Coast. However, if an engine runs too hot, moving metal parts can melt and fuse together, and that leads to several more serious problems.
  • Maintain your air conditioning. Driving in Melbourne and Palm Bay without a working air conditioner can be miserable. If your air conditioner is not performing as expected, the most likely cause is low refrigerant level which is in turn often caused by a leak in the system. AC systems are complex, so it’s wise to have your cooling problems checked by a professional.

Whether you need routine vehicle maintenance or major repairs, a trusted name in West Melbourne is Cassels Garage. Family owned and operated, Cassels Garage has been serving drivers in Brevard County since 1966.

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