Signs It’s Time to Come in for a Tune-Up

Signs you need an Auto Tune-Up

There is nothing scarier than being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down car and no one to turn to. Or stuck with a steaming engine in the middle of a super busy intersection, smack dab in the middle of town. Or realizing as you are heading to an important event that your car no longer wants to start for you. Sadly, these things happen every day to good car loving people.

We at Cassels Garage understand the worry that comes along with this sort of situation, and we want to be able to help. We know that you, the customer, want to avoid any and all potential car troubles in the future. So, we thought it might help to put together a list of ways to successfully avoid any stuck on the side of the road scenarios that may occur. Here is a list of signs that your car may be in need of a checkup and/or tune-up. Look out for these bad boys.

Loud noises

Any loud noise coming from anywhere in your car is usually the biggest telltale sign that something is about to go wrong or something not working properly. Sometimes these noises can start out small and slowly work their way from a rattle to a bang. Don’t let it get to a bang. Bring your vehicle in and get it checked out before its too late.

Slow startup

If your vehicle is beginning to take longer and longer to catch when you turn the key, this may also be an easy way to tell something isn’t right under the hood. It could just be a sign that your vehicle is getting older, but it could also mean trouble in the near future.

Not riding smoothly

Like all of these tips, it is kind of a no-brainer that when your car goes from smooth sailing to choppy waves, there might be something wrong. It can be easy to let things distract you from how well your car is driving but it is important to stay in the know about your vehicle. Is it a bumpy road or is your car actually having issues? Just pay attention to it.

At Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL, we want our customers to be safe at all times. We would never want them to be put in a situation like any of the ones described at the beginning of this blog. So, we recommend you stay in tune with how your vehicle is sounding, starting, and driving. Come see us for your next oil change, brake check, or vehicle repair. We would be more than happy to assist you any way we can.