What Will You Accomplish This Summer?

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Many Americans have become accustomed to the same routine every summer. As the holidays approach, we begin to imagine all of the projects that need our attention and we naively dream that we will get to do most of them. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, we forget how quickly last summer passed. Then Labor Day arrives, and we wonder what happened to all of those weeks that seemed like a long span of time back in the spring.

Here is a time-management exercise that will help you achieve your summertime goals and return to fall with a feeling of accomplishment instead of regret. Start with a regular sheet of notebook paper and fold it twice so that you have four quadrants. Use a different quadrant for different areas of responsibility. You could use one for home and one for work and the others for other spheres of your influence. Or you could divide the paper into categories like physical, financial, education. Each quadrant will represent an area of your life where you have goals you would like to accomplish.

The next step is to brainstorm goals for each category, both short-term and long-term goals. You may want to take a few days to work on this list so that you will have the opportunity to sleep on it and spend a little time daydreaming. It is okay to continue adding to this list even after you move to the next step.

Next, prioritize each list. You can use an ABC grading system, or you could use other symbols that have meaning for you. It is not necessary to do all of the A’s before you move on to the B’s. Some of the lower priority items on your list might be easier to accomplish, and the momentum of accomplishing goals is good for morale. However, referring back to your list each week of the summer will help ensure that you achieve some of your higher priority goals.

If your summer goals include road trips or perhaps automobile restoration, then you are going to need help you can trust. Cassels Garage in West Melbourne is a family-owned shop well equipped to provide routine vehicle maintenance or do major repairs on your car. We have been serving Brevard County since 1966.

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