Windshield Wiper Fluid 101

Published on November 12, 2020
windshield of car

Selecting the best windshield wiper fluid for your needs is so important because otherwise, your windshield can potentially be unobstructed, causing unsafe driving. Thinking about windshield wiper fluid doesn’t happen until you’ve got a load of lovebugs, gunk and grime plastered across your windshields. But windshield wiper fluid is just one of the fluids that every car owner needs to know about when it comes to safety maintenance.

What is windshield wiper fluid?

Wiper fluid is composed of chemical compounds used to clean a vehicle’s windshields, both front and back. Some wiper fluids come in a concentrated form while others are ready to pour straight from the bottle.

The components that make up specific fluids vary; while it’s easy to assume all fluids are the same; this is not the case. Some fluids are merely more than plain water and won’t clean much of anything.

How to Select the Right Windshield Wiper Fluid

When it comes to product selection, you will want to pick a fluid type that best suits your climate. Some products come with a custom chemical composition that makes them more effective for colder weather and icy conditions. You won’t have to worry about that here in Melbourne, FL, but this is something to keep in mind for our seasonal residents.

What may serve you best here are fluid types that have bug-remover ingredients. Products from Raines and Prestone are specially formulated to remove grime from roads and get rid of pesky bugs too.

Can I use water as a substitute?

No! Many people falsely believe water is a comparable substitute for windshield wiper fluid. We are here to tell you this is not a great idea. Water may work in a pinch, but it is not advisable long term. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria, especially in the heat. We don’t think it’s worth the risk. The great news is that you can find windshield wiper fluid most anywhere, even online.

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