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Car Concierge

You’re an informed consumer and you know what you want. You know the make & model, the year, features, trim level and even the color. You’re not willing to settle for what is available on the used car lots, and you’re willing to wait because you deserve to get what you want.

Even if you’re not 100% sure of what you want, our expertise in the industry can help guide you to a make & model that will satisfy your driving ambitions. Our dealer license enables us to shop the wholesale auto auctions (the same ones the big guys attend) armed with your wish list. A little patience can result in a big win for you.

Once we locate a vehicle matching your criteria, we notify you. If you approve the purchase, we take care of acquiring the car. You purchase it directly from Cassels Garage at a near wholesale price! We even take care of local registration, all as part of our Car Concierge service.

Let us go to work looking for your next set of wheels!​

Call 321.727.2111 for an Inquiry.

Car Concierge Service
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