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3 Common Car Parts That Need Repairing in Brevard County

Published on September 9, 2022

Across Brevard county, Florida we often see the same car parts needing to be replaced. This is often from the near constant driving that we have to do as locals along with the weather slowly degrading certain parts over others.

There are 3 common car parts that often need to be replaced in Brevard county. First, we often see the tread on people’s tires get worn down faster in saltwater environments. Second, depending on how much driving you do on country roads the shocks and struts often can break. Third, often we see problems with either the battery or starter here in Brevard.

These 3 car parts often create problems for the locals of Brevard county. The trick to fixing them is to get ahead of the part failing and bring it to a trusted local mechanic such as Cassels Garage. We will diagnose and fix just about any car problem you can throw at us; simply reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion about your car today.

Car Tires Often Need To Be Replaced In Brevard County Due to the Salt Environment

One of the most common parts of cars that we see most often needing to be replaced is the tires of the car. This is because here in Brevard County we have a hot and humid environment. On top of that no matter where you go in Brevard you are often getting bombarded with salt water and air.

This unique combination of hot, humid, and saltwater create the perfect environment to speed up tire degradation naturally. A recent publication made by a team of researchers found that hot humid environments cause rapid tire degradation when composed to normal climates.

This only further backs up what we here at Cassels Garage have seen. Cars driving around Brevard County often need to have their tires replaced. Most of our customers come in when their car starts acting funny or when they notice that their tires have a bubble.

However, some people ignore the warning signs of a car needing to have its tire replaced and wait too long. Blowouts are common here in Brevard County and are costly to fix. It is always better to get ahead of the car part replacement as waiting too long can be a costly mistake.

If You Are Driving on Country Roads Then You Might See Your Shocks and Struts Go Faster

Another part that we often see needing to be replaced in Brevard County, Florida is the shocks and struts on both cars and trucks.

The reason that this part often goes bad over others is because of the road conditions on country roads. Often you will find potholes and large bumps on these roads that can destroy your car’s shock absorbers and struts.

It all comes down to the saltwater air that eats away at both your shocks but also the roads themselves. Most of the paved roads in Brevard County are maintained well enough but the outlying country roads are often left for nature to wreak havoc upon.

Heavy rainfall coupled with salt water ends up eroding away much of these dirt roads. If you’re not paying attention when driving you can hit a large pothole and this can destroy your car’s shocks and absorbers. When these start to go you might notice your car tilting or creaking as you drive around corners.

Another tell-tale sign of your shocks starting to go is the wear on your tires. If you start to see diagonal stripes forming or unusual wear spots then it is more than likely your shocks causing your car to put pressure on one part of your tire.

As such, a common part that we find most often needing to be replaced in Brevard Country, Florida is the car’s shocks and struts.

Often We See Problems With the Battery and Starter Here in Brevard

The saltwater air causes faster corrosion of the battery. Because of this we often see starters and the entire battery system break down faster than in normal climates.

I am sure we have all seen it. We open the hoods of our car and notice a massive amount of corrosion building up on our battery terminal. This corrosion is caused by a buildup of water around the battery terminal itself. Now throw on top of this the saltwater air and you have a recipe for car disaster.

We have repaired cars from around the United States and by far the cars here in Brevard build up the most corrosion on their battery terminals. This corrosion if left untreated can lead to large electrical discharges or rusting out of entire battery harnesses. Further, this corrosion can put unnecessary strain on your car starter which will lead to it failing sooner.

The trick here is to open the hood of your car once a week and remove the corrosion buildup around the battery terminals. This can be done with either a corrosion brush or anti-corrosion spray that you can pick up at any local auto parts store.

If it gets extremely bad you can always bring it to us. We have over 300 5-star reviews and are happy to take a look at any car repair that you can throw at us.

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