Starters and Alternators: An Introduction

Staters and Alternators

Most drivers have heard the words “starter” and “alternator” before. However, they might be unaware of their meaning and purpose, or how they relate to their automobile. Having a basic understanding of your vehicle is important since it allows for possible diagnosing on the spot if your car were to unfortunately break down. Being able to identify the potential problem will help you know how to proceed in the case of an incident. The starter and the alternator are important components of the vehicle. What are their functions?

The Starter

Using the electrical current from the battery, the electric motor rotates an internal combustion engine, causing the engine to begin powering itself. Without a functional starter your car, quite literally, will not start. As a matter of fact, when automobiles struggle to start, many car owners believe the problem lies with the battery. Although the starter utilizes energy from the car battery, the starter is an entity of its own.

The Alternator

On the other hand, the alternator serves as a charging mechanism for the car battery. The alternator’s job is to charge the battery while the car is running, which stores current for the vehicles electrical components to run from. Without a functional alternator, the car battery will not charge. Some of the warning signs for a failing alternator include flashing warning light on the dashboard, needing a jump start, and dimming headlights.

Although the starter and the alternator are both closely related to the car battery in their own way, they have independent assignments when it comes to the operation of the vehicle.

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