Winterizing Your Car For Florida Drivers?

Many Floridians scoff at the idea of winterizing their vehicles. Isn’t that why we moved to Florida, so we would no longer have to shovel snow and buy special tires and such? Yes indeed, and many of the more extreme precautions, like snow chains, are most definitely a thing of the past. However, Central Floridians should not completely abandon the notion of paying attention to the change of seasons.

First of all, are you taking any road trips this winter? Nowadays Grandma’s house is usually much farther away than over the river and through the woods. Many of us have to drive up Interstate 95 and cross several state lines heading much further north to visit family. Consider the weather at your road trip destinations when you take seasonal precautions. The coldest place you plan to visit should determine the winterizing necessary for your vehicle.

Moreover, it does not take much of a change in temperature to affect the performance of your antifreeze. It is true that Brevard County drivers do not usually have to worry about the most extreme winter weather, and sub-freezing temperatures are rare, but we still need working antifreeze in our vehicles. A relatively new, longer life, antifreeze is now on the market, but mechanics are not unanimous in their endorsement of this product. If you are using the longer life antifreeze, it is a good idea to have it checked to see that it is still effective. For the Space Coast a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water should be sufficient.

Finally, any rubber part in your engine is also at risk from even moderate temperature fluctuations. So it is a good idea to get your belts and hoses checked at the first sign of cold weather. It is also a good idea to check them again when it heats up because extreme heat (a more common problem in Melbourne and Palm Bay) also puts the belts and hoses under added pressure.

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