How to Save Fuel While Driving

January 9, 2017

Does it seem like you’re having to stop to fill up your car’s gas tank too often? You could swear you just fueled up last week, but you’re already on empty? This could be a sign that you’re burning fuel faster than necessary. There are ways to cut back on your fuel consumption by changing your driving habits; your wallet and the environment will benefit if you start implementing the following tips into your daily commute.

Close the Windows

This is a good practice especially if you’re driving at high speeds out on I-95 or another highway. Keeping the windows and sunroof closed while driving reduces the wind’s drag on your vehicle, allowing it to move faster and more efficiently. This can cut down on the amount of gas you burn through.

Condense Your Trips

If you know you have to go grocery shopping or want to pop into the mall, try planning your day so that you can get all your errands done. Stop by Publix on your way home from work rather than making a separate trip, or get your shopping done and bring your gym clothes so you can go work out right after. If your car has been parked for a couple hours, the engine cools down and when re-started, it uses more fuel than if it was still warm from the last trip.

Check Your Tire Pressure

If your wheels get low on air, your vehicle is forced to use more fuel to get you to your destination. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly to make sure you are getting the most out of your wheels and your fuel.

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