Texting While Driving

Texting while driving in the car

Cassels Garage is focused on repairing vehicles of all makes and models with quality, affordable service provided by qualified specialists. As a family owned and operated garage in Brevard County, Melbourne Florida for over 40 years, we provide services ranging from general checks/routine maintenance to major overhauls. Our last few blogs have been focused on keeping your car regularly maintained with routine scheduled services in order to be safe while on the road. We also discussed how to react if you were to find yourself in an emergency and what items you should keep in an emergency kit in your car. As a community based business, we hope to share information to help you keep your vehicle maintained safely and to be here to service your car when a problem arises. Probably one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to keep yourself safe while driving is to stay aware at all times… NO texting while driving!

The following is a summary taken from Online Sunshine regarding the rules and regulations pertaining to wireless communication while driving:

2016 Florida Statutes Title XXIII Chapter 316.305

The Florida ban of wireless communication from any handheld device designed to send or receive text or character messages, store or access data, connect to internet, or allow text communication while driving was meant to:

  1. To improve safety for vehicle operators, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians
  2. Prevent crashes related to the act of messaging while driving a vehicle
  3. Allow law enforcement to stop vehicles and issue citations to people who are texting while driving
  4. A motor vehicle may not be operated by a person manually typing or entering multiple letters, symbols, numbers, or characters

In our quest to promote vehicle/driving safety, next week’s post will look at the dangers of texting while driving and alternative options and share some of the staggering statistics relating to texting while driving. If you need to contact Cassels Garage in Melbourne for vehicle servicing or any automotive needs, call 321-727-2111.

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