Top 4 Reasons to Detail Your Car

Detailing Your Car

At Cassels Garage here in Melbourne, FL, we focus on keeping your car in tip-top shape. From basic oil changes, transmission repair and tune-ups to timing belts, engine replacements, and everything in between, our team of auto technicians are here to serve you. While we focus on your engine and auto repair services, it’s critical you don’t forget the importance of maintaining the exterior of your car.

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to detail your car. Detailing your car will do a lot more than just make your car look shiny and new. It will improve and maintain the health of your car just like changing the oil and spark plugs. It may take several hours to fully detail a car, but it will help maintain its value and keep your car in tip-top shape.

Maintain the paint job

Here in Brevard County, cars take a beating from the sun and salt air. The hot sun opens the pores in your paint and then the salty moisture in the air will lead to corrosion. A properly waxed car will help prevent this from happening. If you don’t maintain the exterior of your car with a proper coat of wax, your car will likely rust. Rust not only looks bad, but it can corrode the metal of your car under the paint job and lead to all sorts of other problems. Therefore, a coat of wax after you have fully cleaned and polished your car will go a long way to extend the life of your car’s paint.

Keep headlights and taillights working properly

Part of proper detailing is making sure your headlights and taillights are clean and free of damage. Even mild deposits of dirt and grime on your lights can cause large reductions of available light, which can be potentially dangerous at night or in harsh weather.

Protect interior surfaces from the heavy sun

Keeping your interior clean will protect surfaces from cracking or fading and minimize discoloration of the dashboard. Clean and polished leather seats clean will reduce wear and tear and help maintain your car’s value. If you have cloth seats, keeping them clean will also reduce odors in your car and minimize fading and dark discoloration spots.

Detail your wheels and tires.

Brake dust, oils, and other chemicals can build up on your car while you are driving. If you don’t keep them properly detailed, you risk having cracks in the sidewalls or corrosion which can lead your tires to fail.

Proper detailing not only helps to keep your car looking great, it helps to keep it running great both inside and out. This not only improves value and safety but also personal comfort and pride in your car. In our next blog, we will share some DIY tips to detailing your own car.

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