Tires: It’s How We Roll

Published on January 30, 2017
Tires: It's How We Roll

Usually we don’t think about the tires on our vehicle until they need to be replaced or there is a problem. This goes along with one of our previous blogs regarding forming a relationship with your car, which includes reading the manual. Picture this: While driving the other day, a mysterious light appeared on my dashboard looking very similar to this: ( ! ). Had I familiarized myself with the warning lights and meanings and with the information provided in the manual stashed away in the glove box, I would not have been so confused, uniformed, and nervous. Let’s take a look at some tire issues and why it is important to maintain and care for your car tires. Of course, if an issue should arise, Cassels Garage is a full service automotive repair shop for all makes and models. We focus on affordable rates and quality auto repair which includes tire service.

Apparently the ( ! ) symbol is part of the TPMS- Tire Pressure Monitoring System to warn or notify the driver when and if a tire is under-inflated. There are numerous reasons why driving on under-inflated tire(s) is dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations reports that 1/3 of light trucks, SUV’s, and passenger cars are driving around with at least one tire not inflated properly. The main cause of tire failure is under-inflation. If a tire does not have enough air in it, an excessive amount of tire surface is touching the ground, increasing the amount of friction. Increased friction leads to overheating resulting in blowouts, separation of tread, and early wear and tear all of which lead to hazardous driving conditions.

Here are some tire tips to keep in mind:

  • Monitor the tread wear on your tires
  • Follow recommended tire pressure for your particular vehicle
  • Keep a pressure gauge in your vehicle
  • Familiarize yourself with where/what the TPMS warning is on your dash
  • Click this link to try the penny test on your tread
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