Car Safety Tips To Teach Your Teen

Car Safety Tips To Teach Your Teen

When it comes to having a teen driver, car safety tips are important. And as the parent or guardian, it’s your responsibility to make certain that they’re educated on how to stay safe while driving. While there are plenty of car safety tips to teach your child about being on the road, there are certain automotive maintenance tips to teach as well. It’s also a good idea to introduce your teen driver to an automotive repair shop that they can trust and depend on.

These tips can be helpful to teach your teen driver and prevent further maintenance issues down the road as well.


Always check the tire pressure before leaving on a trip

Tires are a big cause of accidents and breakdowns on the road. If you want to prepare your child for safety, one of the best things to teach them is how to check the air pressure in their tires. Buy them a tire air pressure gauge to keep in their car or teach them how to use one when they stop and fill up for gas. It’s great to get them in the habit of doing this.

Headlights on when it’s raining

In some states, this is actually a law, but having the headlights on when your windshield wipers are going is always a good idea. This way you can see further, and others on the road can see your vehicle better as well.

Phone down, buckle up

While this may feel like it goes without saying, it’s a real issue. And honestly, not just in teen drivers. Adults and teens alike are guilty of looking at their phones or trying to text and drive. The world we live in now has made it too easy to get distracted, especially while driving. Teach your child that the texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages will be there to check and respond to when they get to their destination. Literally, their life and the lives of others depend on this.

If they hear strange noises from their car, contact an automotive repair specialist

When it comes to the safety of your teen and the vehicle that they are driving, they need to get their vehicle to a car specialist that they trust if they have a question, worry, or hear a noise that shouldn’t be coming from their car. This is where your expertise as their parent comes into play. You can inform them of automotive garages and mechanics you’ve worked within the past that have provided superior service. In fact, programming the number into their phone is an even better idea! That way, when they’re on the road, they can call ahead and make a plan to get themselves there safely.

These car safety tips are a great way to ensure that your teen driver stays safe and alert on the road at all times! Cassels Garage has proudly served the people of Brevard County since 1966. We offer outstanding vehicle maintenance and repair, including oil changes, transmission repairs, and brake checks in Melbourne, FL. Contact us today to schedule a check-up for your teen’s vehicle.