The Busiest Travel Season of the Year Is Approaching, Is Your Vehicle Ready?

Published on March 30, 2021
family traveling by car

“Speaking on the CBS Evening News, Roger Dow of the U.S. Travel Association stated that the busiest travel days of the year are ‘Fridays, June, July and August.’ Summer is the busiest travel season, and weekends are the days most in demand. Put the two together, add the occasional weather delay and you have the perfect recipe for a bad travel day.”

To be sure an added ingredient, a preventable vehicle malfunction, is not included in that perfect recipe for a bad travel day, consider your current driving habits and have your vehicle serviced prior to the trip.

At Cassels Garage, a full-service auto repair center, located in Melbourne, FL, you can count on no hassle, stressless repair completed by experienced professionals in maintenance and service, to ensure your vehicle is summer trip ready.

Whether your husband has a lead foot, is a tailgater or just bad about using those turn signals, or your wife ‘innocently’ ignores the engine light or other service reminders, Cassels Garage has you and your vehicle covered.   Here are five driving habits to prevent damage and avoid a breakdown on your vacation:

Come to a complete stop before shifting from reverse to drive or drive to reverse.

Of course, you are in a rush, seems as though everyone is these days.  Each time you force a gear shift without coming to a full stop, your transmission is negatively impacted as it depends on your brakes to change gears.  So, take the micro-second, press the brakes, come to a complete stop, and then shift.  But, if this is your driving vice, do not panic and have your transmission checked before your summer excursions.

Keep your eye on the road to avoid hazards.

Potholes, speed bumps, road construction, and uneven pavement can wreak havoc on your car’s tire alignment, steering mechanisms, and suspension systems.  Some vehicles with lower to the road under bodies, can incur serious, yet maybe unnoticeable damage until it affects another component of the vehicle. Remind your teenagers that speed bumps are not ramps or launch pads, they are designed to slow you down for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. If you are unable to safely swerve around these road hazards, slow down, glide over or through, to avoid compounding damage.

Do not disregard dashboard lights, your vehicle is sending you a wakeup call. You need to take the call!

Your car is letting you know it needs an oil change, tire repair, fluids for its engine, heating and air conditioning systems, a new battery, or even a safety defect or issue in its brakes or airbags.  In today’s cars and even some 10-year-old cars, the amount of computerized technology is as vast as a small airplane.  Ignoring, dismissing, or postponing these warning lights and sirens, could leave you and your vulnerable family members – small children and grandparents – on the side of a sweltering Florida highway.  Do not let a vehicle breakdown during your vacation be the most talked about family memory years later.  Get the signals checked first so you can ride comfortably and confidently after.

Dad was right! Do not let running out of gas be your trigger for getting gas.

Gas prices are going up, that is an unfortunate fact.  But, running your car on fumes to extend the time until you have to pay for your next fill up can be detrimental to its performance on the road.  It is often recommended that you keep your gas tank at least ¼ (a quarter) full to prevent damage to your vehicle’s fuel system.  Adequate gasoline is critical to prevent overheating and malfunctions associated with your fuel pump, catalytic converter, engine; it can act as a coolant in some fuel systems.  If this is your driving flaw, visit Cassels Garage in Melbourne, FL, for a ‘no-judgement’ check of your engine and fuel system.

Message to all tailgaters, riding the brakes is dangerous to you, your passengers, your fellow drivers, AND your vehicle, too.

Riding the brakes can cause premature wear and tear, overheating, and loss of precise stopping in a risky situation. Take precautions, give yourself ample or even extra space, let up on the gas pedal earlier to slow down rather than riding the brakes, and pay attention to any squeal-like noises coming from your breaks as they may be overheated or wearing down quickly. Also, make greater use of your parking brake. Whether on an incline, decline, or flat surface, the parking brake’s primary function is keeping your wheels locked when in park.

The best memories of your summer vacation, whether you are driving across the country or visiting the beautiful spots in Florida on a tankful, should be of family and unique experiences, not a preventable vehicle breakdown.

At Cassels Garage, full-service auto repair, in Melbourne, FL, our focus is providing exceptional auto repair and tire service at reasonable rates to our valued customers. We take pride in hiring only trustworthy, knowledgeable ACE certified technicians and staff that mirror our company’s philosophy.  As a family owned and operated local company serving Brevard County for over 50 years, let us give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe and reliable transporting your most precious cargo.

Enjoy your trip but definitely come see us at Cassels Garage in Melbourne first!

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